Pino Pinelli

Pittura R

“Fragments are placed on the wall as if to mimic the gesture of the sower. Vision is an essential element of my work, but there is also a tactile, sensory engagement that invites you to: touch, feel, see. Certainly art is thought. Think and do. Do and think.”

Donated by the artist. Mixed media, dissemination of 21 elements, 2011, 10 x 36 cm each.

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Born in Catania in 1928, currently he lives and works in Milan.

After training in Catania, Pino Pinelli moved to Milan in 1963, attracted by the presence of an artistic centre. Among the masters of Analytic Painting (a pictorial movement developed in the 1970s with the intent of analysing the material components of painting – such as paint and canvas – and the relationship between the material itself and the artist), Pinelli adopted stylistic choices that led him towards a destructuring of the painting to work on the surface and spaces. His works are in fact characterised by the abandonment of the canvas, in favour of the use of materials that convey a high tactile quality (flannel and velvet), and are made up of the combination of several pictorial elements, such as geometric and monochrome shapes that follow a predetermined path, giving rise to his so-called ‘broadcasting’ technique where the painting, reduced to fragments, is placed on the wall to mimic the gesture of the sower, in a synthesis between space and painting.