Two historical buildings, brought back to their architectural splendour.
A new and different museum. A rare fresco, a masterpiece of Italian medieval art. An exceptional art collection: a fascinating overview on contemporary creativity, located in one of Rimini's most beautiful squares.

The PART is the result of a collaboration between the Municipality of Rimini, owner of the Arengo and Podestà buildings – which have undergone restoration works in order to provide the city with a large space for contemporary art – and the Fondazione San Patrignano.

Together with The Last Judgment by Giovanni da Rimini, an exceptional fresco dating back to the 14th century, its rooms house the Collezione Fondazione San Patrignano. An eclectic and varied collection of important artworks from the 20th and the present century. It is now accessible to citizens and visitors, thanks to an unprecedented and virtuous collaboration between public and private institutions.

In the belief that “Art is community.”


Closure of the PART on July 1, 2023

The PART | Palazzi dell'Arte, Rimini, closes on 1 July for important redevelopment works related to accessibility and improvement of the visit experience of the Palazzo del Podestà
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The Collection came into being in 2017 to support the San Patrignano Community, and it is constantly enriched by donations from prominent artists, collectors and international gallerists.


Palazzi Arte Rimini Part interior

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