Giovanni Iudice

Le stelle del mare

“Through a research starting from the photograph, one can draw in his work a precise will to give form to a radical, profound point of view on the complex condition of the world that surrounds him. I’m convinced that in his research Giovanni, has been courageous because he didn’t turn to a better scenery, to a less evident suffering or to the beauty of life, but he completely immersed himself in that desperation, to give voice to someone who never seemed to have the right to speak.”

Donated by Giuseppe Iannaccone. Oil on canvas, 2019, 105 x 135 cm.

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Born in 1970 in Gela (CL), city where he lives and works. A self-taught painter and drawer, Giovanni Iudice has always stood out for his remarkable technical skill, which allows him to analyse and record objects, people, situations and natural phenomena with almost bureaucratic detachment. At the heart of his development – characterised by his attention to detail and a heightened sense of realism – there is always a human being represented in his/her daily life through the use of pencil drawings and oil paintings, following what for the artist is an expressive vocation aimed at investigating the multiple nuances of reality, forever with a sensitive and scrupulous eye. His paintings depict the people and environments that surround him in his native Sicily with extreme objectivity, over recent years paying particular attention to refugees, foreign citizens and illegal immigrants. Thanks to the delicacy and depth that distinguish his works, Iudice elaborates a reality that strongly characterises the present and in particular that of the Italian coasts.