Achille Perilli

I coniugi perversi

“Two spaces exist, mine, yours, ours, of all and, another space: that of art; in the latter live shapes and colours, which we only partly make by painting, for what is in our abilities to compose.”

Donated by Carlo Tivioli. Mixed media on canvas, 1960, 81 x 100 cm. Photography © Matteo Bazzi.

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Born in Rome in 1927. Lives and works in Orvieto.

Considered one of the great protagonists of abstraction in Italy, at the age of 20 Achille Perilli joined the Forma Group, founded in Rome in 1947 with the intention of implementing structured but unrealistic art that favoured form and sign in their essential meaning. Standing out by virtue of their lively and brilliant chromaticism yet bound within two-dimensional forms, Perilli’s works are accompanied by rigorous theoretical reflections, nourished by the liveliness of his interests (numerous collaborations with set designers, architects and musicians) and by the study of the European historical avant-garde. Carrying out an investigation revolving around form in relation to space (meant as a place of tension between geometrical structures and organic forms, arising from imaginative activity), the artist investigates the perception of reality between the unconscious and the rational, between lyrical form and geometric space, while combining the various essences of abstraction.