Iva Lulashi


“The dream dimension belongs to the human. Let’s ponder on how we remember things on a daily basis: through infinite hints, actions, blurred details, imprecise situations… My interest is to achieve an image that is conceivably close to reality and, at the same time, an obvious distance from it.”

Donated by the artist. Oil on canvas, 2016, 30 x 40 cm.

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Born in 1988 in Tirana, Albania. She lives and works in Milan.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Iva Lulashi undertook a research path in the field of painting. Her work starts from a careful observation and selection of set photos, traces, details and stills taken from films, documentaries and other moving-image media. This is how current themes such as religion and politics as well as issues related largely to Communist propaganda in Albania and the public dimension of ‘righteous’ socialist living are incorporated into erotic moments and scenes of private life. Starting from a range of images collected online, the artist tries to reinvent a visual language that is customised by adding extraneous elements, reworked pictorially. The image thus takes shape autonomously, creating a tension and a short circuit of unexpected overlaps through which Lulashi aims to create a form of representation that moves away from reality if possible, yet without reaching an entirely surreal dimension.