The San Patrignano Community

San Patrignano, the largest rehabilitation community in Europe, recognized as an important reference model in the world, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2018. Founded by Vincenzo Muccioli in 1978, the Community has so far welcomed more than 26,000 young people with problems of marginalization and drug addiction, over 72% of whom, after completing the programme, have been completely reintegrated into society and stopped using drugs altogether. San Patrignano offers boys and girls in difficulty at home, health and legal assistance, the opportunity to study, learn a job and change their lives, completely free of charge, without requiring any fees from them or their families. It therefore bears very high management costs, which it can face in part thanks to its productive sectors - above all, educational and professional training venues for young people, thus representing a crucial part of the recovery process - and to the donations and collaboration of those who consider it worthy of their support.

The 40 years since its foundation are an important anniversary, to which San Patrignano is dedicating itself by means of a process of financial sustainability, aimed at guaranteeing the survival of the Community not only for another 40 years but, in its intentions, forever.

The Collezione Fondazione San Patrignano

As part of this journey, together with friends close to the Community – as well as recognized collectors and art enthusiasts – we have created a team with Nerio Alessandri, Diana Bracco, Laura Colnaghi (Calissoni), Andrea Gnassi, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Francesco Micheli, Gilda Moratti, Clarice Pecori Giraldi, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Maurizio Tamagnini, Carlo Traglio and Anna Zegna. With them, we implemente an initiative of extraordinary importance: to provide the Foundation with a collection of artworks donated by collectors, artists and gallerists. It is an innovative sustainability path; the first experience of endowment in Italy based on the Anglo-Saxon model, which will allow San Patrignano to dispose of a capital resource in case of future structural investments.

The works in the collection belong to the San Patrignano Foundation, which has the obligation to enhance them through public displays. Only in the occurrance of extraordinary needs, such as restoration works, expansion, or significant maintenance interventions aimed at meeteng the proritary needs of the Community’s guests, it will be possible to sell the artworks.

The collection is constantly growing thanks to the generosity of collectors, artists and gallerists who recognize the uniqueness and prestige of this project.

Artists exhibited in the Collection

The Collezione Fondazione San Patrignano brings together artworks by: Mario Airò, Vanessa Beecroft, Bertozzi&Casoni, Domenico Bianchi, Alessandro Busci, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Maurizio Cannavacciuolo, Loris Cecchini, Jake e Dinos Chapman, Sandro Chia, Roberto Coda Zabetta, George Condo, Enzo Cucchi, Anne De Carbuccia, Thomas De Falco, Nicola De Maria, Gianluca Di Pasquale, Zehra Doğan, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Sam Falls, Flavio Favelli, Giuseppe Gallo, Alberto Garutti, Giorgio Griffa, Shilpa Gupta, Mona Hatoum, Damien Hirst, Carsten Höller, Emilio Isgrò, Giovanni Iudice, William Kentridge, Loredana Longo, Claudia Losi, Iva Lulashi, Ibrahim Mahama, Agnes Martin, Paul McCarthy, Igor Mitoraj, Davide Monaldi, Gian Marco Montesano, Mimmo Paladino, Tullio Pericoli, Achille Perilli, Diego Perrone, Luca Pignatelli, Pino Pinelli, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Gianni Politi, Matteo Pugliese, Jean Paul Riopelle, Pietro Ruffo, Mario Schifano, Julian Schnabel, Elisa Sighicelli, Andreas Slominski, Ettore Spalletti, Grazia Toderi, Francesco Vezzoli, Velasco Vitali, Silvio Wolf, Yan Pei-Ming, Zhang Xiaongang, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Chen Zhen, Kiki Smith, Giuseppe Penone, Piotr Uklanski,Paul Kneale, Marco Strappato, Gideon Rubin, Alessandro Moreschini,Sabrina Mezzaqui.