Enzo Cucchi

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“Painting is drawing; it’s drawing with colour; a means to unite opposites through form and harmony. At the same time, it’s a battle made of proportions, measures, gazes, of lights and multiple elements and possibilities that the artist can only confront knowing and respecting a few rules: those of art.”

Donated by Grazia Gian Ferrari in the remembrance of her sister Claudia. Carbon on canvas-backed paper, 1990, 672 x 75 cm.

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Born in 1949 in Morro d’Alba (AN), he lives and works between Rome and Ancona. One of the most original and prolific artists on the contemporary art scene, together with Francesco Clemente, Sandro Chia, Nicola De Maria and Mimmo Paladino, he was one of the representatives of the Transavanguardia, an Italian artistic movement based on a project by Achille Bonito Oliva in the second half of the 1970s with a view to overcoming the abstract-conceptual language of the Neo-avant-garde movements through a return to tradition and figuration, drawing on expressionist approaches with a focus on painting, colour and technique, reappraising such elements in a contemporary key. For him, painting provides an expressive medium through which to bring about the coexistence of classical symbolism or an oneiric matrix with a series of forms, concepts and materials that are manifested both in physical space and on works using canvas, mosaic, ceramic and bronze: all media the artist has experimented with over the course of his career.